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Friends of Stoco Lake

The Friends of Stoco Lake was established in 2007. An elected Board of Directors leads the organization, in keeping with FOSL’s Governance Structure and Mission Statement and Objectives:

Mission Statement

‘Friends of Stoco Lake’ are working to improve the overall health of Stoco Lake, for the benefit of people and the environment, in recognition of it’s important contribution to the quality of life in our community.


  1. ‘Fact-finding’ – gathering the information required for an evidence-based approach to identifying actions that need to be taken in both the short and long-term.
  2. Development of an ‘action plan’ for Stoco Lake. This would include: • Identifying priority actions for ‘Friends of Stoco Lake’ and others with mandates related to improving lake quality • Undertaking priority actions that are appropriate for the Friends (i.e., are not being done by others, that are achievable for a volunteer organization that are cost-effective)
  3. Developing partnerships with other organizations that can provide for a more effective approach to improving the health of Stoco Lake.
  4. Sharing information, and educating / influencing the general public, all levels of government, local community organizations, schools and others with respect to what needs to be done.